How We Work

This is how we carry out our operation to meet your satisfaction

How it Works

Every writer is different, so we want to know what you have in mind and the services you need. We will like you to tell us about your book, the services you want us to render to you. Not all writers require the same services; it is based on what you want we will send you a quote. We are always ready to work with your budget.

Book Distribution Made Easier

Are you an Author with your books stacked up somewhere?
Let us help you. We will serve as an intermediary between you (the author) and the buyers (readers). We will market and sell your books for you. Accepts payment for the book and shipping fee on your behalf. All you have to do is ship the books from wherever you are to the readers. Buyers will receive your contact to track orders.
You set the Book Price and Shipping Fee.

70% of the Royalty goes to you.

Feel free to request more information if you need to.

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